Blog Issue #1

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Blog Issue #1

Hey all!

So since i changed my name i decided to change up on a website to  FORUM.  i love forums because they can be more interactive. you all can post your stuff and see the progress on mine as well. I love sharing a forum with all my friends and getting everyone involved.  I love playing games, giving out badges with the point system and looking at all the badges. 

So i made this and i am hoping everyone agrees with me. 

So this is Lycan Badges but just because it has my name on there doesnt mean u can promote your own badges on here.  i love badges and i love my badges even more. 

So this name Lycan, i love it. i have this thing about wolves and werewolves. i love the pack mentality, personality and what not. i was just browsing through interesting names and came onto this one and noticed the person before me hadnt been on since 2013.  So the next morning i got right on live chat and had them see if i could have it and they said yes. this is an important name for me. it takes me back to a family i was apart of on here and the time that was important to me. i've grown a lot since then but i still have the love of wolves that i shared with that family. i do miss old times and those times were a big memory and why i have stuck around on IMVU for so long. i feel on here i can be myself and who i am and love what i consider to be close too.  I hope to start something new on IMVU and keep it going for as long as possible. 

Sorry alittle history there for this new name that i love so much. ill post about some badges soon promise.



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