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Point System

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 23, 2016 7:36 pm

Point System!
So i did turn the the points and i have a award System to go with that. I enjoy everyone to be active here. the rewards include badges given, presale,donation, already made and retired badges.

So point rewards:
20 points get you ONE badge of your choice. (only one or two tile badges.NO RARES OR RETIRED)
30 points get you ONE badge of your choice. (any size, NO RARES OR RETIRED)
50 points get you two badges of your choice. (Any Size, rare, or retired also.)
60 Points get you three badges oif you choice. (any size, rare or retired also.

Once Someone hits more than 60 points i will add more onto this list.

The way to earn points.
Being a member.
and what not.
Any questions message me.


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